Setting up a church studio - Easier than you think?

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

Instead of scaling back their online Church services as restrictions lifted, Digital Minister Andy Barras built his church a small studio. Now they offer a fully digital service and are creating material to assist their micro church planting. 

In this video, we chat about:
- Experimenting with the service run sheet when online
The ‘Tri-modal’ Church: In-person, Online and Home Hub planting
The 5 kinds of online viewers
- Digital Pastoral Care plans
- How to set up your own studio

Want to see the our full guide and breakdown of a Church Studio? Download it here. 

St John's YT:

Reach out to Andy:

Learn more about the Church Livestream Level Up Course here: https://www.digitalministrymasterclas...

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0:00 Intro
1:19 What is Diamond Creek doing online?
2:23 Defining the ‘Hybrid Service’
3:13 How big is your online congregation?
4:17 Being a Digital Minister
5:18 The ‘Tri-modal’ Church - In-person, Online and Home Hub planting
9:56 Why a digital congregation over a hybrid service?
14:26 The Fundamental differences between Online and In-Person
18:49 Interactivity and church content beyond the Sunday Service
22:50 The 5 kinds of online viewers and Digital Pastoral Care
31:45 The Studio Set-Up
35:31 Final Words - Is a Studio right for you?

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