Elevate any pre-recorded church segment - Edit breakdown

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

The triple threat: b-roll, stock footage and sound effects!

Hey Team! I was inspired to make a quick tutorial for the group. Although we are shooting a full course on how to 'Level up your Church Livestream', this teaching opportunity was too good to pass up! 

I was commissioned to work on a pilot episode for a web series the Bible Society has in the works. 

Thanks to BSA for letting me show you some unreleased clips that perfectly illustrate how a little bit of sound design, music, b-roll or stock footage can elevate pre-recorded church segments. 

Watch the video below!


Originally this video was posted to our private Facebook group where it sparked some interesting discussion about time investment vs. quality of a video. If you'd like to be involved in the discussion why not join the group? We have just hit our 100 member milestone. Hope to see you there! Link below.

We are also well on our way in the development of our 'Church Livestream Level Up' course. Check out some of the behind the scenes stills below from our set up at Waterloo Studios. If you want to keep up to date, click here to register your interest.


- Alex 

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